Golden Rules For Students:

Always Speak truthSpeak in English
Respect your TeachersGain knowledge
Obey your Parentslt`s your pride
Honour the elderslt`s your duty
Help your fellow StudentsGain Satisfaction
Be punctual at all timesGain perfection
Get your doubts cleared then and thereShine Well
Never speak evil of anyoneGrow gently
Keep your words soft and sweetGain gentleness
Do everything decently and in orderRoute to gain success

Rules and Regulations:

1Students should converse only in English inside the school premises.
2Children must hiring their handbook daily.
3Pupils must be at school at 9.10 am. Latecomers must bring letter of excuse with parents’ signature.
4Everyone should follow decorum during assembly or any functions and celebrations.
590% of the attendance should be followed by everyone for Lip gradation.
6Students availing leave for more than 3 days should bring medical certificate along write letter
7Children should come in full uniform.
8No costly ornaments should be worn by students.
9Student's need to promote greenery which in turn help to stop global warming.
10Wanderers in the school corridor dealt with.
11Parents who need their children during school hours can come to the office and collect their ward with a written request
12According to the Time Table children can bring their books, They are the soul Responsible for their books
13Parents can enquire about their ward at frequent intervals to the teachers with Principal’s permission
14No student suffering from air born disease shall be allowed to attend school.
15Penalty must be paid for the damages. Breaking school property must be strictly for bidden.
16Absentees during exams will not be allowed for reappearance later
17Students must produce the Transfer Certificate, original birth certificate and Aadhar ID photocopies for admission along with 3 photos
18Pupils leaving the schools in the middle of a term must pay the fees for the particular term.
19Students can use the knowledge center [Library] with librarians permission
20School bus timing should be noted by the children for proper usage.
21Periodical meeting will be conducted for parent teacher one to one basis for Students improvement.
22Moral behaviorism is highly needed inside the campus if not result in immediate dismissal.
23Students are not permitted to bring cell phone to school (as per Government order)
24Children can use the school canteen if necessary (for day-scholars).